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Milan Bankovic
University of Belgrade
Faculty of Mathematics
Department of Computer Science
Milan Banković
Teaching Assistant

I was born on 3 May, 1982. I enrolled the University of Belgrade, Faculty of Mathematics, Department of Computer Science in October 2001, and graduated from the University in December 2006, with GPA 9.93 out of 10.00. I have been working as a teaching assistant at the Faculty of Mathematics, Department of Computer Science since February 2007. I have taught courses "Programming 1/2", "Microprocessors", "Introduction to Computer Organization", "Software Development 2", "Advanced Computer Architecture", and "Automated Reasoning". Since 2007, I am a PhD student at the same department.

My research fields include mathematical logic in computer science, and automated reasoning, with emphasis on SAT and SMT solvers and their applications. I am also interested in constraint programming. I participate in a national research project in the area of automated reasoning, led by prof. Predrag Janičić, and I am a member of Argo Group. For more information about my current research, visit my research page.

Information for students are available in Serbian language only. If you are a student who attends my classes, please visit an appropriate page from the navigation menu placed at the left side of this presentation. Alternatively, you can start with this page.