Atomic and molecular data play an essential role in astrophysics, fusion, laboratory and industrial plasmas, lighting sciences and technologies, biomedicine and biophysics, combustion and environmental sciences as well underpinning many technologies, surface physics, optics and spectroscopy optoelectronics, etc.
In this meeting the need for and applications of such data in these fields will be reviewed, as well as discussion and presentation of some of the databases and data centres that collate and disseminate such data.
The objective is both to show the state of the art in this field and provide information on the need for atomic and molecular data and the current status of atomic and molecular databases. It is targets both at data producers and users and will be of interest to all scientists involved in fundamental research and/or technological applications.
A key part of the meeting will be the presentation of the Virtual Atomic and Molecular Data Centre (VAMDC), an EU funded collaboration between groups involved in the generation, evaluation, and use of atomic and molecular data.
VAMDC is building a reliable, open, flexible and interoperable e-science interface to existing atomic and molecular data. During the workshop there will be a VAMDC tutorial in order to explain and demonstrate to participants how to use services of VAMDC.
The meeting is particularly targeted at researchers based in the Balkans and south eastern Europe and some support for such researchers will be available.

Organized by Serbian Society of Astronomers
and Group for Astrophysical Spectroscopy, Astronomical Observatory, Belgrade