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Doctor of Science Degree - 1997 
Cvetana Krstev One Approach to Text Modelling and Transformations
Zoran Petric Equalities of Deductions in Categorial Proof Theory
Mirjana Borisavljevic Sequents, Natural Deduction and Multicategories
Viktor Obuljen Coding Theorems for Certain Nonstationary Channels
Zlatko Catovic Symplectic Integrators and Their Application in Celestial Mechanics
Slavko Simic Contributions to Karamata's Theory of Regularly Varying Functions and Sequences
Master of Science Degree - 1997 
Goran Nenadic Algorithm for Compound Word Recognition in Mathematical Texts and Applications
Dzevad Lugic Terms and Algorithms
Igor Strugar Teichmullers Theory and Geodezics on Planar Surfaces
Aleksandra Gacevic Efficiency Analysis of Combinator Set Based on Implemented SK Reduction Machine
Goran Damljanovic Analysis of Variations of the Geografical Latitude of Belgrade for the Period 1949.-1985.
Silvana Marinkovic Algebrization of a Probabilistic Logic with Infinitary Predicates
Srboljub Simic On Conservation Laws for the Dynamical Systems Having Finite Number of Degrees of Freedom
Dragana Djuric An Approach to Development of Deductive Databases with Optimization
Bora Jovanovic Aproximative Representation of Ephemeris in the Dynamical Astronomy
Milena Radnovic Ponselet's Theorem and Algebaraic Curves
Vladimir Markovic Teichmuller Theory and Univalent Functions
Vladimir Grujic Morse Theory and 3-manifolds
Momcilo Novkovic Autoregresive Models of Time Series with Gama and Laplace Distributions
Dragomir Saric Dirichlet Integral, Harmonic Measure, Modulus and Extremal Metric
Borislav Gajic Geometry of Nonholonomic Systems and Vagner's Tensor
Sanja Petrovic Case-based Reasoning in Multiattribute Analysis
Doctor of Science Degree - 1998
Ljubica Velimirovic Infinitesimal Twists of Surfaces
Davor Radenovic Contribution to Modelling of Fuzzy Systems
Vladimir Markovic Uniquely Extremal Quasiconformal Mapping and Critical Points of the Energy Integral
Zoran Rakic Osserman Manifolds
Zoran Djordjevic Contribution to Theory of Relational Algebras
Master of Science Degree - 1998
Predrag Stanisic Transformation of Relational Databases into Object-Oriented Databases
Milan Culibrk Iskosene inverzije i Cenova Delta-invarijanta
Rade Todorovic Homomorphisms of Rings into Skew Fields
Eva Sabanovic Asymptotic Behavior of Some Functionals Defined over Random Fields
Nebojsa Vasovic Qualitative and Numerical Analysis of Some Dynamical Models in Imunology
Nikola Perin Poboljsanje algoritama za faktorizaciju, inverziju i pseudoinverziju velikih, retkih matrica
Ivan Anic Ekstremalni problemi koji se odnose na teoriju kvazikonformnih i uopstenih harmonijskih preslikavanja
Stevan Kordic One Heuristic for Method of Analytic Tableaux
Rados Bakic An Application of Psi Function in Group Theory
Branko Malesevic A Functional Equation over Groups
Nebojsa Vasiljevic Formal Methods and Data Models
Dragan Ajzekovic Contribution to Theory of Cooperative Games with Application in Economics
Srdjan Vukmirovic Invariant Structure on Flag Manifolds
Goran Sukovic An Approach to Founding Object-Oriented Query Language and its Formal Semantics
Dusko Jojic Combinatorial Methods in Topology
Vladimir Filipovic Proposition for Improvement Touranament Selection Operator in Genetic Algorithms
Marina Milovanovic-Arandjelovic Fixed Points Theorems on Probabilistic Metric Spaces
Aleksandar Samardzic Parallel Implementation of Ray Tracing Algorithm
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