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Library of the Faculty of Mathematics is a higher education library and it is located on the first floor of the building at Studentski trg 16. The main aim of the Library is collection, selection, processing and granting the use of library materials, as well as providing other library and information services.

The Fund of the Library has got more than 69000 units, 33000 monographic publications (books) and more than 36000 volumes of journals with a significant scientific works in mathematics, astronomy and mechanics. There are also the special funds such as old and rare books, editions on CD and DVD, a number of commonly used books (textbooks, collections of essays), and funds of Ph. D. theses, M. Sc. and specialist works. Library funds are the closed stacks.

The Library has a long tradition. It is believed that it was established in 1894. together with the mathematical Seminar of the Faculty of Philosophy.

The Library of the Faculty of Mathematics and its employees are constantly trying to improve their work. These days they are working on the data entry of library material in the database with full respect for national and international library standards. There are currently almost 22,000 records (monographs) in the database.

The total area of the Library premises is 222.6 m2, with one reading room of a total area of 60 m2 with 40 reading seats.

Library staff are:

Miljana Todorovic, M. Sc., master of Library and information sciences, senior librarian

Snezana Colakovic, librarian, with the professional exam

Nikola Scepancevic, mathematician for Computing and Information Technology, Head of Library, with the professional exam

Address: Studentski trg 16, I floor, room 409
Phone: + 381 11 202 78 49

All information regarding the work of the Library, as well as suggestions and comments can be sent to the email address of your virtual librarians: miljana[at], scepann[at]