Marica Radojčić (Prešić): RESUME

Mathematician and artist, born in Novi Karlovci, Serbia. Graduated and obtained Ph.D. in mathematics from the University of Belgrade. Professor at the University of Belgrade, Faculty of Mathematics and the University of Art, Belgrade, Group for Digital Art. Visiting professor and/or researcher at the University of California - Berkeley, University of Hamburg, University of Bon, MGU – Moscow, University of New York etc. Fulbright award for mathematics for the academic 1985/86 which she spent at the Courant Institute, New York University.

Her mathematical papers belong to universal algebra, Mathematical logic, numerical mathematics and mathematical linguistics. Her mathematical results have been included in international mathematical monographs and scientific papers.

She started exhibiting in 1982 more abroad than in Serbia. Developing in art the ideas from mathematics and philosophy she experiments in different media (drawings, paintings, sculptures, installations, videos, digital animations, performance, ambiances…) .

Member of ULUS (Association of Visual Artists of Serbia) and of IKG (Internationales Künstler Gremium).She has had number of solo and group exhibitions. Exhibited and executed her art work in USA, Germany, Belgium, France, Scandinavian Countries, South Africa, Austria.

Since 1985 she has had exhibitions in New York Galleries (4 solo shows and around 20 group shows there).

Participated in several important international shows in Europe, USA, Africa.

Her art is of contemplative nature, experimental and multimedial, based on mathematical and philosophical ideas (semantical layers of language, paradoxes, infinity, algorithms, truth theories…). About her art number of experts have written, from the American critic Leonard Horovitz and poet, and many folded Israeli artist art expert Joheph Semah, up to Russian philosopher and aesthetics expert V.V. Bychkov.

For many years she has been occupied with organization and production of projects both artistic and scientific In 1993 she founded Mathematical Art Workshop (at the Faculty of Mathematics, University of Belgrade), and in 1998 she founded association UMNA - Art and Science, both meant to be places where connections and interrelations between art and science would be explored.

In 2002 with a couple of other artists she founded Postgraduate Interdisciplinary Studies at the University

of Art Belgrade, Group for Digital Art where she was teaching for 4 years.

She has organized number of projects, symposiums (domestic and international), as well as visits and production of the projects of foreign artists and scientists

Collaborates with a number of artists and scientists around the world.

In 2009 National Gallery Matica Srpska in Novi Sad founded the legacy collection of Marica Radojčić with 87 works which represent all periods of her artistic opus.