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CURRICULUM: standard curriculum of the Faculty of Mathematics, officially recognised by the Serbian Ministry of Education. The curriculum can be found on our web site, or it can be mailed upon request
DEGREE OFFERED: after completion of the 4-year course, diploma of Bachelor of Science in Mathematics or in Computer Science, officially recognised by Yugoslav educational authorities and educational authorities all over the world, is obtained
ENROLMENT DEADLINE: September 30th, 2001 for the 2001/02 academic year
TUITION FEE: EUR 1550 per semester, due in the beginning of the semester
TEACHING STAFF: professors and assistants of the Faculty of Mathematics in Belgrade

LOCATION: Faculty of Mathematics, 16, Studentski trg (main Faculty building) and 5, Vatroslava Jagica (International School building), 11000 Belgrade, Serbia, Serbia/Montenegro

PHONE and FAX: + (381 11) 630 151, + (381 11) 639 954

CONTACT PERSON: Mrs. Mira Tasic, Head of Computer Laboratory


Teaching of computer science and programming languages has a long tradition at our Faculty. The first courses in programming started in the 1970's, on the IBM 360/44 machine, when our computer science department was founded.

Some time later, DEC LAB 11/40 and later on, PDP 11/70 machines were used in the teaching process. After that, at the faculty a remote mainframe IBM 4381/14 of the Serbian Statistical Office was used, with many local terminals.


The era of personal computers had already begun in the mid-80's, when the first six personal IBM XT machines were introduced.

Today, our computer laboratory has three classrooms, internal network, on-line Internet connection, and is supported by very experienced staff. It is based on the network of PC's working under Windows and Linux operating systems, but it also has a couple of Macintosh workstations.

Our graduates work all over the world, in the top ranking computer software and hardware development companies, and in the full range of other companies involved in computer, stock market and lots of other businesses. Some are professors at recognised universities. More than 10 % of our graduates work abroad.

The main advantage of our graduates is that they have received a full-range mathematical education, together with their highly comprehensive computer science education. This enables them to cope with the most difficult problems in an unusually short time. Their abilities substantially exceed those of students who received a standard computer science education.

Don't hesitate to ask if you have any further questions. We will gladly provide you with all necessary information. We will be glad to welcome you in Belgrade!

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